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You have probably heard about the new craze of e-cigarettes. Maybe you are wondering what is so wonderful about the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is a great alternative to smoking. And today, we will discuss why it is a great alternative to traditional cigarettes by explaining its top 4 benefits. Here they are.


1. What is it about smoking cigarettes that is really so harmful? Well, the answer to that question is because traditional cigarettes are packed with harmful tar and other chemicals that can really kill not only the lungs but the body as well. And also, just thinking about putting smoke in your lungs can already make you see what harm it can do. However, one of the greatest benefits that e-cigarettes can provide to people is that it does not have any of these harmful chemicals. It does not even involve smoke at all; only a vapor like substance that looks just like smoke. This is the first and probably greatest benefit that ecigs can provide.


2. If you are a smoker, then you probably know the annoyance of when the smoke smell sticks to you, your clothes, your breath, your hair. A lot of smokers actually complain about this. However, since e-cigarettes do not use actual smoke, there won't be any smoke smell to stick all over you after you have finished your smoking session. In fact, e-cigarettes come with so many different flavors, and each flavor has their own very good smell. And if you do not like these smells, then you do not need to worry because e-cigarette smells disappear within seconds. 


3. The third benefit to e-cigarettes that we will be talking about today is that you can smoke without not only harming yourself, but also keeping safe the people and environment around you. The smoke that you puff out in a traditional cigarette was actually discovered to be very harmful. And not only will you take the consequences of this bad smoke, but also the people and environment around you. With e-cigarettes you can enjoy a smoke without having to worry that you are harming yourself, other people, and the environment. 


4. And the final benefit that we will be talking about today is that electronic cigs come in a variety of different flavors. This is a benefit because it will not only give you a big option of flavor choices, but you can also have fun trying out all the new and different flavors that e-cigarettes provide.